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Dongchangfu District Director Liu Peiguo came to our company for inspection and guidance

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On March 31, 2017, the head of Dongchangfu District, Liu Peiguo, came to our company to inspect and guide our work. Accompanied by Li Lujun, deputy general manager of Lide Company, Mr. Liu's delegation visited the company's production workshop, technical workshop and packaging workshop one after another, ranging from raw materials of products, production to inspection, packaging and labeling. In the production workshop leaders saw how the product was produced, and in the packaging workshop let them have a deeper understanding of the labeling and sealing of the product.
After the visit, Director Liu fully affirmed the achievements of Lide Company, and encouraged the company leaders to make great efforts in scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property protection, personnel training and other aspects, to play a leading role in the development of Zhengjia Automobile Industrial Park, take the first step, further promote the development of surrounding areas, and make more gratifying achievements in the new year. Dong Liping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengjiazhen, and Yin Xiuzhen, mayor of Zhengjiazhen, accompanied the investigation.