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Li Guanglu, Director-General of Liaocheng Private Economic Development Bureau

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On June 29, Li Guanglu, Director-General of Liaocheng Private Economic Development Bureau, came to the company to guide the work. Li Lufeng, General Manager of the company, and Wang Yuan, Deputy General Manager of the company accompanied the inspection.
Director Li Guanglu affirmed the company's development direction. He believed that the automobile market is warming up day by day and automobile parts have a broad market. The company should seize the opportunity to expand its scale and increase its market share. After the inspection, Director Li held a discussion with the company leaders in the conference room, answered the problems faced by the enterprises, and made great efforts to ensure the enterprises. In the discussion, Mr. Li focused on the development prospects of the company and the difficulties faced by the company. The government should play a supporting role in the development. The discussion ended in a friendly atmosphere.