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Comrade Chen Ping, Deputy Secretary of Liaocheng CPC Committee, went to the company to guide the work

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On June 26, Mr. Chen Ping, Vice Secretary of Liaocheng Municipal Committee, visited the new factory area accompanied by Mr. Rong Hongzhi, Secretary of Dongchangfu District Committee, and Mr. Li Lufeng, General Manager of Liaocheng Municipal Committee, reported the development of the company to Mr. Chen.
Secretary Chen highly appraised the development of the company. He believed that while making great efforts to develop the company, it also promoted the development of related industries around the company and made contributions to the local economy. At the same time, he also put forward higher requirements for the development of the company. He hoped that in the future, he would strive to be the leader of the industry so as to occupy a larger market in the fierce competition. Blessing the people and serving the society. Li always said that we should improve management, innovate in technology, make breakthroughs in production, strive to do a good job in the industry, and contribute our strength to the development of local economy.